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 Hugh plays in woodwind and recorder chamber music groups:

In London he played in
the Northern Winds Quintet

The Windbill quintet

The Tavistock Quintet

And in concerts for the

Oxford and Cambridge Musical Club

Hampsted Music Club

In Pennsylvania he plays with

A renaissance recorder group

A woodwind quintet in Doylestown


He goes to chamber music courses in:

Bennington in August
Settlement Music School Adult Chamber Music in Willow Grove
Sometimes to Benslow, in Hitchin


He sings in various choral groups and workshops

Renaissance Choir in Bryn Mawr

Bi-college Chorus at Harverford

The Main Line Four (a barbershop quartet)

Sometimes in New York with "The Friday Night Group"


He is honoroary member of

Hampstead Music Club

Oxford and Cambridge Musical Club


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Last modified: November 28, 2018