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16 Dec Hugh and Rowena sang for thge OCMC "Nothing too Serious" concert a piece with piano entitled "The 12 Days After Christmas". Hugh played in some bassoon quartets in the same concert.

12 Dec Hugh Performed in an HMC concert on contrabass recorder in a group including a theorbo

7 Dec Hugh performed in an OCMC concert a quintet for Ob, Cl, Bn, Hn and piano by Fritz Volbach, possibly a first perf in London.

5 Dec Hugh played for an HMC concert a trio by F-R Gebauer for Cl, Hn, Bn.

26 November Hugh sang bass in a concert of Mexican and Latin American m usic with the Moving Chamber Choir

25 November Hugh performed the Francaix trio Ob, Bn, Piano for OCMC - without the Scherzo. It was a high point!

16 November Hugh played with the Tavistock quintet Reicha's op 91#1 at breakneck speed - much more exciting than the usual plod.

10-12 November Hugh was at Benslow with a preformed group being coached in WW 5tets by the Myriads. Hugh pooints were Ewazen's Roaring Fork and Gabbaye's Qunitette

28 October Hugh and Rowena sang Monteverdi Madrigals in a performance with OCMC

28 October Hugh played second in Stravinsky's Pulcinella with OCMC

22 Oct Hugh played in an I Maestri concert at St Johns Waterloo in Chabrier's Espanya and Ravel's Espagnole.

16 October Hugh organized the OCMC-UCL concert in which he played in the Kurt Mederacke quintet, Boehmische Suite

14 Oct Hugh took part in a Platinum workshop in Battersea involving acapella all-male voice choir.

2 Oct Hugh played in the St Bart's Orchestra concert featuring about half of Bruckner's 5th . It was a disappointing experience.

30 Sept Hugh played in a performance of Mahler's 2nd symphony with the Philharmonia Britannica, a memorable experience

26 Sept Hugh played bass recorder in a recorder quartet arrgt of Purcell's "Distrressed Innocence" at an HMC concert

16 Sept Hugh played the Thierriot qunntet for paino and winds in an OCMC concert

28 Jul-13 Aug Hugh amd Rowena were at the annual Bennington Chamber music workshops.

15 July Hugh played in an OCMC concert Rossini's quartet #6.

9 July Hugh sang in a concert with Moving Camber Choir a program devoted to the theme of Food.

5 July Rowena and Hugh sang English madrigals and motets under Will Carslake with HMC

3 July Hugh played bassoon quartets chez Bill Robinson in Ealing

30 Jun-2 Jul Rowen and Hugh sang under Robert Hollingworth at Hawkwood several Montverdi Madrigals and motets

24 June Rowena and Hugh Sang in Rachmaninoff's Vespers under Colin Baldi in Maldon

17th Jun Rowena and Hugh sang in a TVEMF choral workshop devoted to Heinrich Isaac

10 Jun Hugh played 3rd with the West London Sinfonia in Stravinsky's Rite of Spring. An experience!

7 June Hugh played reed trios in North London. Featured were trios by Ibert and Milhaud

5 Jun Hugh played Cl Hn Bn trios with the London hotshots including Paddy Clements. Highlights were the Crussell and the Lybbert

3 Jun Rowena and Hugh played in a workshop and concert with the Chamber Academy Orchestra Haydn's #99 and Vorisek's Symphony in D

16 May Hugh played in an HMC concert, Stephen Ball's WW 5tet also Thomas Simpson's 7 Pieces (on Contrabass recorder!)

10 May Hugh played in a first performance iun London of Karol Beffa's Blowup - piano and 4 winds

22 April Rowena and Hugh performed in an OCMC concert Clerembault's Leandre & Hero

April 11 Hugh played in an HMC master class, working on Thiriet's reed Trio

April 6 Hugh performed in the OCMC wind concert in the Francaix Sixtuor and in Straus' Sonatine for `16 winds.

April 1-6 Hugh was at the Ascot Easter Early Music Course playing recorder and Rackett, and singing "Record of John" with viols.

31 March Hugh and Rowena performed in a Morley Chamber Choir concert of Venetian 17thc acapella pieces.

7 March Hugh performed in the HMC Baroque concert in four numbers: two b/c pieces and Vivaldi's Gminor trio, and in Couperin's Concert Royal #1 for oboe and bassoon.

24-26 Feb Hugh and Rowena were at Benslow playing in Coriunne Sharp's annual chamber music weekend.

22nd Feb in Tunbridge Wells Hugh played the last of the 26 Reicha quintets in a "Reichathon" series that had stretched over several months. The players declared the experience worthwhile, if long-winded.

Feb 3-5 Hugh and Rowena sang Italian madrigals at Hawkwood under James Weeks. Only 8 singers, with Hugh singing bass lines.

Jan 20th Rowena and Hugh sang in a TVEMF day in Oxford concentrating on Wylkynson's Ave Regina for 9 parts.

Jan 18th Hugh performed in an OCMC concert Leo Smit's Sextet for piano and 5 WW quintet

Jan 17th Hugh performed in a HMC concert Crussell's trio for Cl, Hn, Bn.

Jan 2 Hugh played the octets without horn (2 flutes) chez Ralph Kirmser in Wilton, CT. They are all by British composers

Dec 31 Hugh played many of the trios for Fl, Cl. Bn with Kimi Hasegawa in Marlboro, VT

Dec 18th Rowena and Hugh sang in a carol service concert at Trinity Church, Camden Town. Included was "Down in Yon Forest" that Hugh had last sung with the Quakers' Dozen sixty years ago.

Dec 17th Hugh performed a world premiere of pieces for bassoon quartet and Soprano by Peter Owens to words by Hillaire Belloc, "Rebecca" and "Jim".

Dec 13 Hugh played his contrabass in a recorder quintet "Low Blows" at a Hampstead Music Club concert

29 Nov Hugh performed two movements of J.E. Brandl's Quintet #1 for bassoon and strings in a HMC concert. Rowena played first viola.

26 Nov Hugh perfromed a reed trio Lais et Virelais by Maurice Thiriet in an OCMC concert. A London premiere, we thought

25 Nov Hugh and Rowena sang in an Illuminations Choir a capella concert featuring some 2016 works and Morten Lauridsen's O Magnum Mysterium

20 November Hugh played in a performance of Wagner's Gotterdammerung complete with Wagner tubas and harp (on keyboard) with St Bart's Orchestra. Only the second half, and even that took 2 1/2 hours to perform.

12 Nov Hugh and Rowena played in an OCMC performance of Stravinsky's Pulcinella, Hugh Played first in the scary gavotte variation



























































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